Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Child in the Wild driving snowmobile

A few days back the snowmobile had invited Anya to go for a ride around the house. Anya accepted. Prior to that, Anya had kept her distance to the machine that she had deemed too loud for comfort. After the trip around the house Anya asked if she could accompany Papa when he goes to pick up firewood. Her request was granted the following afternoon.
I helped Anya get dressed. While she went outside to join Gaetan, I put on my snowsuit. When I followed, I found her standing beside the trail in deep snow, in a safe distance from the snowmobiles that Gaetan had already started, so she would not get run over in case the vehicles moved (Mama's recommended behavior!). 
Anya and I were assigned our own snowmobile. I had fastened a pillow in front of Anya on the handle bar for protection. She was sitting in front of me. On the 10-minute ride, Anya was sitting absolutely still. I could practically see how her senses were wide open to take everything in.
When we arrived back home, Anya's first comment was "again!".
Riding the snowmobile, 19.1.2014

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