Thursday, April 17, 2014

Looking for the Easter Bunny

When I prepared lettuce, Anya wanted to eat the dry leaves I had pulled off. I told her that we do not eat those but that she could put them outside and maybe a rabbit would come and get them. I made the mistake of mentioning the Easter Bunny as another potential visitor. Now, Anya keeps checking the site for signs of the furry creature.
Putting out some salad leaves, 16.4.2014

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  1. Hi Manuela,
    It is nice to see signs of spring here in Whitehorse too. Last weekend was the end of tobogganing down our hill. The sun has eaten big holes in our run and the gravel is showing through. But we enjoyed the last crazy rides, with the ice surface we went faster and further than all winter. Still waiting for the Yukon River ice to look soft but no chance yet.


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