Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Much of Anya's time is spent playing. Here is the evidence of Anya's new passion: playing frisbee!



  1. How long is the growing season and what kind of veggies can you grow?

  2. We usually have night frost until the end of May, and then again in late August. I grow vegis that mature fast and are not affected by the long daylight (spinach and radishes for exampled don't do well, as they seem to need the darkness. As it is here with 24 hours daylight in June and July, they go to seed before they develop leaves or radishes). What does work are salads, cucumbers, squashes, and herbs like basil, savory, dill, cilantro.

    I am writing more about gardening in my books "Wilderness Life in Canada's Yukon Territory" and its sequel (soon to be available) "Raising a Child in the Wild".


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