Sunday, December 29, 2013

Thoughts on minus 50

When spilled water freezes to the floor, when a child cannot roll up her sleeves, because there are too many, when plants are freezing on the window sill, when the propane gas turns to gel and the propane bottle and the generator move inside to warm up, I know the outside temperature is close to minus 50.

While my range of motions shrinks and my lungs wince, the mountain vista is usually breathtaking: clear air, sharply outlined mountains tainted in orange light, and frost covered trees that seem to ignite in silver-cold December sunlight (up on the hills in a distance and out of my reach of course, because we are without sunlight for a total of 3 ½ months).

Mountains in the distance (26.12.2013)

Mountains in orange sunlight (26.12.2013)


  1. Gorgeous photos - Yukon gold :)
    Jeez, you guys are tough; I would go nuts only seeing the sun touch the world in the distance while I sit in the dark for months on end.

    1. Thanks for your feedback, Nicole. Not tough, just dealing with life and nature as they present themselves, when we do not perceive a choice.


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